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About Pan’s Fish

My name is Pan. I have been a fishmonger for more than 10 years. You can find Pan’s Fish stalls at various wet markets in Singapore. I personally go down to the fishery port every day to pick out the best quality seafood to be sold at the wet market. Pan’s Fish has the widest variety of the freshest and highest quality seafood.

My experience as a fishmonger goes way back to my secondary school days. I come from a family of fishmongers. My mother and several of my uncles are all wet market fishmongers. Weekend mornings are always spent in the wet market. I did not know a single thing about seafood in the beginning. Being the newbie that I was, I was assigned to squat at the back of the stall to scale the big fishes. In the beginning, my legs went numb even before I was a quarter of the way through. My techniques were suspect too and I suffered countless cuts and scratches from the scaler, fish fins, fish teeth and even fish collars (yes fish collars can be dangerously sharp).

I quickly learnt many different techniques for scaling different fishes. It might look simple and straightforward, but I found that that are many nuances for something even as simple as scaling fish. As time went by, I learnt to identify, cut and display the seafood attractively. I also honed my salesmanship by learning the intricacies of selling and dealing with customers who likes to haggle.

After graduation, I worked an office job for a year before my mother convinced me to start my own seafood business. I took her advice and started my very first shop at Redhill Wet Market in 2007. It was a one-man show. I did everything myself. It was a very hectic period but it was also incredibly satisfying. I learnt so many things on the fly and through mistakes and trial and error. Fortunately, business was good and I quickly expanded to take over the adjacent stall which was originally vacant. Business continued to flourish and I decided to expand into other wet markets.

Over the years I had a number of hits and misses. Some markets were not profitable and I quickly closed them down. Others did well and I continue to operate them to this day. Overall there were more misses than hits. I also had a foray into the seafood wholesale business at Jurong Fishery Port but that too quickly turned belly up. Today you can see a small number of Pan’s Fish stalls in a few wet markets in Singapore. Headcount has increased but I still personally choose and purchase seafood in the middle of the night at Jurong Fishery Port. Quality is of utmost importance. My customers expect nothing less. The quality of seafood varies dramatically from day to day. I can only maintain the quality of seafood if it goes through my own hands. Rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of seafood whenever you buy from Pan’s Fish!